Now in her third season with the Lynx, the star forward’s added aggressiveness creates chances for her and teammates.Read More

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After winning every major basketball championship under the sun (NCAA, Olympics, WNBA), what’s a world-class player to do during the off-season? For Maya Moore, the answer was obvious: join the Shanxi Flame to play in China’s premier women’s basketball league, where she (natch) picked up Read More

The Lynx star and her mother, Kathryn, have been inseparable since the beginning.Read More

Maya Moore’s season in China ended exactly like the vast majority of her other seasons in her career, with a championship.Read More

Maya Moore capped off an outstanding overseas season in China today, leading the Shanxi Xing Rui Flame to a 97-87 win over Elizabeth Cambage’s Zhejiang Far East to clinch a 3-1 WCBA series victory. Read More

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Maya Moore was late. She ducked into the Minnesota Timberwolves' first preseason game at the Target Center this October just after tip-off, the brim of her black hat pulled low and her 54-year-old mother in tow. It didn't take long for the crowd to notice.Read More