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All she does is win. Read More


There are few greater classifications of an athlete than referring to them as a "winner" and Maya Moore has won everywhere she's ever beenRead More


Maya Moore turns 26 in June, which proves again how fast time flies when you are traveling the world winning championships.Read More


Maya Moore’s season in China ended exactly like the vast majority of her other seasons in her career, with a championship.Read More


The former Collins Hill High player is the rage in the Far East, with her team in the championship round.Read More


For the first time, a newly-promoted team has captured the title with Shanxi knocking off Zhejiang in the WCBA Finals, 3-1.Read More


Maya Moore capped off an outstanding overseas season in China today, leading the Shanxi Xing Rui Flame to a 97-87 win over Elizabeth Cambage’s Zhejiang Far East to clinch a 3-1 WCBA series victory. Read More


Maya Moore is averaging 45 points a game and has helped the Shanxi Flame bring new fans to the women's game in a basketball crazed nation.Read More

Moore Returns for Second WCBA Season.Read More


So proud of my team Shanxi Riu Flame for successfully defending our championship!Read More